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We write stories.

Stories that are a half step ahead from now.


Our project:


"K". a book cafe and a cultural space in Yatsugatake.

1,400m above sea level. We've produced a space called "K" where you can chill, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a variety of books, and attend various  cultural event.

Surrounded by the gorgeous sunset view of Yatsugatake mountains. The space works as a cultural space for the local people in the hood as well as a destination for the tourist from all around the nation.


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A study to find what you love to do for life.

An original study & field work project to know how to find what you like to do or work on for your life.

For the 1st project, we teamed with Masahide Yoshida who is a strategic planner in Dentsu who has been studying the minds of teenager in Japan.

We held a 5 week workshop in Shinshu university and invited students who claims to have difficulty on finding out what they love to do as a job in future.

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